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Fish Carcass Donations

Fish Carcass Donations

In the fall of 1997 the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division initiated the Marine Sportfish Carcass Recovery Project. This project takes advantage of the fishing efforts of hundreds of anglers by turning filleted fish carcasses that anglers would normally discard into a source of much needed data on Georgia’s marine sportfish. The project is a true partnership of saltwater anglers, marine businesses, conservation groups, and the Coastal Resources Division. The Georgia Power Foundation has been instrumental in providing supplemental funding for this project.


It’s easy for you to participate. First, find your local participating marina housing one of our chest freezers to take your catch.  Inside the chest freezer you will find data cards, bags, and pencils. Fillet your catch and drop your leftover carcass remains into the bag. Remember when cleaning your catch; make sure to leave the heads and tails intact to allow for accurate measurements of the fish. Fill out the data card as accurately as possible and place in the bag with the remains. Participating anglers are entered to win prizes such as T-shirts and hats.


Map of Participating Marinas



Can’t find a carcass freezer close enough to you? Encourage your local marina to participate! Marinas and fishing clubs who would like to host one of our freezers should contact Ryan Harrell at (912) 617-1607.