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Applying for a Coastal Incentive Grant

Coastal Incentive Grant Request for Proposals and Workshops

The 2017-2018 Cycle 20 CIG Request for Proposals and Application Instructions are now available!

CIG Workshops were held in October in Brunswick, Jesup, and Savannah.  Please click here to view the presentation as a pdf, or click here to view the recording of the Brunswick workshop.


Coastal Incentive Grant Application Materials

Cycle 20 CIG Application Materials:


Pre-Application Review Process

The 2017-2018FY Cycle 20 Coastal Incentive Grant opportunity will involve a competitive pre-application process followed by an invitation only competitive full application process. Pre-applications are due by 4:30pm on Friday, December 2, 2016 as detailed in the Grant Application Instructions and Format document.  Following the submittal of the pre-application, the Pre-Application Review Team will review and competitively rank the pre-applications based on 1) applicability to the Georgia Coastal Management Program, 2) a demonstrated Coastal Need, 3) clear Project Goals, 4) Budget Soundness, and 5) an applicant’s Past Performance.

By January 13, 2017, the Grants Coordinator will provide all applicants with either an invitation to submit a full application or a pre-application denial letter.  Either letter will also provide Pre-Application Review Team feedback to the applicant with information that may improve their full application or future resubmittal opportunity.


Full Application Review Process

Upon invitation, full applications are due by 4:30pm on Friday, February 17, 2017 as detailed in the Grant Application Instructions and Format document.  Full applications are also competitive and will be reviewed, scored and ranked by the CIG Technical Review Committee.  The 5-member CIG Technical Review Committee has representatives from coastal resource management, the scientific/research community, local government, non-governmental organizations, and citizens-at-large.  All applications are scored based on the applicable Project Evaluation Criteria for Research or Non-Research applications.

Applicants will be notified by the Grants Coordinator no later than April 1, 2017 if they are preliminarily chosen for funding.  Funding will be dependent upon NOAA approval in July/August 2017 for project terms of October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018.


Low-Cost Construction and Land Acquisition Projects (306A)

Applications to support low-cost construction projects that provide access to coastal natural resources, or for acquisition of real property are accepted under the Coastal Incentive Grant program.  Projects are limited to a request of $50,000 maximum with a 1:1 match (total project cost of $100.000).  Applications for low-cost constructiion or land acquisition projects require a site visit by DNR staff prior to submission of the full application.  Additional requirements to the standard CIG Application for low-cost construction and land acquisition projects are as follows:

  • The Section 306A Construction and Land Acquisition Guidance document describes the Section 306A construction and land acquisition program, eligible project activities, and contains guidance in completion of the Section 306A Checklist, clearance letters, and title opinion or certification requirements (REQUIRED Reading).
  • The Section 306A Checklist must be completed and returned with your full application (DO NOT sign the cover page).
  • Prior to beginning construction, all 306A projects must receive clearances from the State Historic Preservation Officer and from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, each stating that the proposed construction or land acquisition project will not have a significant impact upon Historic Resources or Endangered or Threatened Species.  For you convenience, form letters for requesting these clearances can be viewed and downloaded here. 
  • An Attorney Title Opinion or a Certification of Real Property Ownership must be included with your full application (only one of these is necessary).  Samples of these documents can be found in Appendix II of the Section 306A Construction and Land Acquisition Guidance document.
  • Site plans and site maps must be included with your full application and illustrate in detail as described in the Section 306A Construction and Land Acquisition Guidance document.


Questions related to the CIG Program and/or application process should be directed to: 
Stefanie M. Nagid, Grants Coordinator
912-264-7224, stefanie.nagid@dnr.ga.gov