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Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing in Georgia is an eleven million dollar industry employing several thousand harvesters. 

Recreational Fishing


The Shellfish Sanitation Program is funded by an appropriation by the Georgia General Assembly and consists of water quality monitoring, permitting shellfish harvesters, sanitary surveys, and report writing. The National Shellfish Sanitation Program's (NSSP) Manual of Operations (Part 1, Section C-3,a) requires that states show that shellfish harvest areas are " not subject to contamination from human and/or animal fecal matter in amounts that in the judgment of the SSCA [State Shellfish Control Authority] may present an actual or potential hazard to public health." Standards of the NSSP further require the state to regularly collect water samples from each approved harvest area and to perform certain analytical procedures to ensure that the area is below the established fecal coliform threshold.

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Fisheries Management

Asian Tiger Shrimp

Black Gill in Shrimp:

Since 1996 Georgia has monitored black gill in shrimp.   For the most up-to-date information on black gill please download our document Monitoring the Health and Abundance of Georgia's Shrimp.