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Effective Impervious Cover Tool


Effective Impervious Cover Tool   
DNR Rule 391-2-3-.02 (4) Marshlands Buffers
for Upland Component of the Project

On February 28, 2007, the Department of Natural Resources Board adopted rules that established regulations that apply to the upland component of a project requiring a Coastal Marshlands Protection Act permit.  The new regulations establish marshlands buffer, stormwater management, and impervious cover standards to protect coastal marshlands of the State. 
 The new rules apply primarily to commercial, community and public projects such as marinas, community docks, fishing piers, boat ramps, and bridges which require Coastal Marshlands Protection Act permits. The rules do not apply to private residential docks or marshfront property that does not have a project requiring a Coastal Marshlands Protection Act permit.  
The regulations require that pervious surfaces must be maximized and total impervious area minimized in the project area when practicable, with a goal of no more than 15% effective impervious cover, taking into consideration existing structures and available land within the upland component of the project area.

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Please Note:
The EIC Tool is built within the Microsoft Excel environment.  Microsoft Excel is needed to run the model.  No other installation procedures are required. This is a large file (4MB).  It may take some time to download depending on your connection.
Upon opening the EIC Tool one will be prompted to ENABLE or DISABLE macros. One should always pick the ENABLE function to make full use of the EIC Tool's functionality.
Based on Macro Security settings, some users may not be able to use all the macros even if they ENABLE them.  If that's the case, one should perform the following steps:

1.  On the Excel Menu Bar, Choose TOOLS , then Choose OPTIONS
2.  In the OPTIONS menu, Choose the SECURITY tab
3.  Click on MACRO SECURITY button
4.  Make sure the Security Level tab is on MEDIUM
5.  Then Click the OK/APPLY button on each tab to exit
Contact your local permit coordinator at either our Brunswick headquarters office at (912) 264-7218 or at our Richmond Hill satellite office with questions or to schedule a pre-application site visit.