Image of marinaThe Compliance and Enforcement Unit enforces the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act, Shore Protection Act, and Revocable License authority along the entire coast of Georgia and up to approximately fifty-five miles inland.  Staff reviews each permit application to ensure that all documents are legal and correct. Staff also monitors all Marina Lease agreements.

The Compliance and Enforcement Unit conducts routine compliance inspections of all Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee permitted projects to ensure that structures were constructed as approved by the Committee. Should these projects not meet the standards required by the Committee, corrective action is taken to bring the facility or structure into compliance.

Compliance and Enforcement staff investigates various alleged violations of the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act. These include any unauthorized dredging, filling, excavating, placement of an unauthorized structure, or altering of the marsh. Some of the most common violations are unauthorized removal of marsh, fill of jurisdictional wetlands, and vehicular operation in the marsh.

Compliance staff also investigates alleged violations of the Shore Protection Act. These include unauthorized shoreline engineering activities, unauthorized vehicular operation in the dynamic dune field, and unauthorized construction occurring in the shore jurisdictional area.

Compliance staff is also responsible for monitoring and tracking sunken and derelict vessels on Georgia's coast.  

Click here to contact compliance staff at our Brunswick headquarters office at (912) 264-7218 with questions or to schedule a site visit.