Federal Consistency

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The direct federal activities, federal permits & licenses, federal funding assistance, and Outer Continental Shelf projects require a federal consistency determination or certification from the State of Georgia before most projects are allowed to proceed. Consistency means that the activity is designed to be consistent with the applicable Enforceable Policies, or environmental laws, of the State of Georgia. The Georgia Coastal Management Program and Federal Consistency provisions are applicable in the eleven coastal counties: Effingham, Chatham, Wayne, Bryan, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Wayne, Glynn, Brantley, Camden, and Charlton. If your project is not in one of these counties or is not listed, federal consistency is not required. Other State and local permits and licenses may also be required.

Federal Consistency Certification

A federal consistency certification must accompany all applications for these federal permits.

Federal Consistency Determination

A State of Georgia federal consistency determination must accompany certain application for Federal Funding, Listed Direct Federal Activities, and Outer Continental Shelf projects.

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For more information contact our Federal Consistency Coordinator at (912) 264-7218.