Barracuda, Great

Barracuda, Great illustration by Dianne R. Peebles

Illustration by Dianne Rome Peebles

Men's Current Record

Wayne Hall

Name of Angler: Wayne Hall
Hometown: Townsend, Ga.
Weight: 54 lb. 8 oz
Total Length: 59.5 inches
Date of Catch: June 26, 1999
Bait or Lure Used: Live Bait
Type of Fishing: Private Boat ("Straight Hook")
Location of Catch: East of Navy Tower R2
Name of Weigh Station: Phillips Seafood, Townsend, Ga.

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Women's Current Record

Tricia Nicosia

Name of Angler: Marie Franklin
Hometown: Statesboro, Ga.
Weight: 47 lb. 8 oz.
Total Length: 56 inches
Date of Catch: Nov. 7, 1999
Bait or Lure Used: Spanish Sardine
Type of Fishing: Private Boat ("Fish Daddy III")
Location of Catch: Beside Buoy J  - Buoy off St. Catherines Sound
Name of Weigh Station: Tillman, Brannen and Minick Farm Supply, Statesboro, Ga.

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