Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Downloads

Informational Booklets 

Georgia's Offshore Artificial Reef Book (PDF 3.7MB) 

Georgia's Inshore Artificial Reef Book (PDF 1.3MB) 

Inshore Artificial Reef Project Historical Summary

Offshore Artificial Reef Project Historical Summary

GPX Downloadable Files 

Instructions for GPX File Upload:
The “file below” contains the coordinates found in the Master List of Georgia’s Offshore Artificial Reefs, saved in the .gpx format.  This file is viewable in Garmin’s MapSource software as well as some other mapping software products.  More importantly, this file can be loaded onto most GPS units to provide a comprehensive set of waypoints for Georgia’s Offshore Artificial Reefs.  The file can be uploaded to most GPS units via SD card or by connecting your GPS to a computer.  Consult your device’s owners’ manual for instructions on how to upload this content.  NOTE: Be sure to consult your owners’ manual before uploading the file as some devices will overwrite existing information and existing data or base maps could be lost!  The information contained in this file is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for navigational charts and knowledge.

Georgia's Offshore Artificial Reefs GPX file

Georgia's Inshore Artificial Reefs GPX file 

Desktop viewable Files 

Georgia's Offshore Artificial Reefs KMZ file