United States Navy – Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Expansion of the South Port Security Barrier, Cumberland River, Camden County, Georgia


This serves as notification from the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources of a request from the Department of the Navy for a Coastal Marshlands Protection Act (CMPA) permit under Official Code of Georgia (O.C.G.A.) 12-5-280 et seq., to expand the South Port Security Barrier located on the Cumberland River, Camden County, Georgia.

The existing South Port Security Barrier (SPSB) extends approximately 1,200 linear feet across the waterway. The applicant proposes to lengthen the SPSB by 1,100ft. on the northern end and 1,800ft. on the southern end to connect to the recently completed land-water interface terminals. The SPSB is made up of individual Port Security Barrier (PSB) floating units that are 50ft. long and support an 8ft. tall fence that begins approximately 1ft. above the water. Each PSB 50ft. long unit impacts approximately 144.5sq.ft. of tidal water bottoms. The applicant proposes to add, via barge mounted crane, twenty-two (22) PSB units to the northern end totaling 3,179sq.ft. and thirty-six (36) units totaling 5,202sq.ft. to the southern end. The proposed project will add 8,381sq.ft. of new impacts over approximately 2,900 linear feet for the floating component of the SPSB.

The individual floating units will be connected to each other using an assortment of connectors to form the SPSB. The SPSB will be moored to the land-water interface and the bed of the river by three different components, including fifteen (15) 7.5-ton anchors that will each impact approximately 50sq.ft. of tidal water bottoms, and thirty (30) 3,600lb. sinkers that impact approximately 9sq.ft. of tidal water bottoms each. The SPSB will be secured to the to the land-water interface on the northern end via a gravel road to connect to a concrete termination point approximately 300ft. upland. On the southern end, the extended SPSB will connect to an existing PSB dolphin structure. The new impacts of the SPSB mooring system will total 1,020sq.ft. As proposed the project will impact approximately 9,401 square feet (0.21-acres) of coastal marshlands.

There is no upland component associated with the proposed project.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate that the project is not contrary to the public interest and that no feasible alternative sites exist. Impacts to coastal marshlands must be minimal in size. In passing upon the application for permit, the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee shall consider the public interest: (1) Whether or not unreasonably harmful obstruction to or alteration of the natural flow of navigational water within the affected area will arise as a result of the proposal; (2) Whether or not unreasonably harmful or increased erosion, shoaling of channels, or stagnant areas of water will be created; and (3) Whether or not the granting of a permit and the completion of the applicants proposal will unreasonably interfere with the conservation of fish, shrimp, oysters, crabs, clams, or other marine life, wildlife, or other resources, including but not limited to water and oxygen supply.

Please provide this office with substantive, site-specific comments as to why the proposed work should or should not proceed.  Comments and questions concerning this proposed project should be submitted in writing and be submitted by the close of business on October 12, 2019 to Paul Tobler, Department of Natural Resources, 1 Conservation Way, Brunswick, Georgia 31520.

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