Capsized tug refloated in Jekyll Creek

Brunswick, Ga.

A tug boat that capsized Dec. 19 in Jekyll Creek off Jekyll Island, Ga., has been refloated and is expected to be towed to a shipyard in Fernandina Beach, Fla., no later than Sunday, Jan. 27.

The vessel’s owner, Salonen Marine of Yulee, Fla., began work Monday and used two 165-ton marine cranes to right the Miss Addison after it was surveyed by salvage divers. The vessel was being dewatered Friday and divers will inspect the hull and make any necessary repairs before towing it away from Jekyll Island.

“We’re very pleased to see this vessel being removed from Jekyll Creek, and we do not anticipate it will leave any permanent damage to the water bottom” said Buck Bennett, a compliance and enforcement manager for the Coastal Resources Division (CRD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. “Salonen Marine and its insurance company was fully complaint with CRD and we are not taking any further actions at this time.”

The Miss Addison did not appear to be leaking fuel when observed by CRD staff Friday using an unmanned aerial vehicle. After the capsizing, Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance installed containment booms around the vessel and safely pumped off 2,265 gallons of diesel fuel. A skimmer boat was used during the salvage operation to ensure no further pollution escaped into Jekyll Creek.

The cause of the sinking is being investigated by the U.S. Coast Guard. No one was injured in the incident, which happened around 6 p.m. an hour before high tide.