Public invited to Lanier Blvd. Corridor Flood Strategy open house

Brunswick, Ga.




BRUNSWICK, Ga. (April 11, 2024) – A collaboration of local and state government and community partners is set to host an open house event aimed at informing and engaging the public on vital flood management strategies for the Lanier Boulevard corridor in Brunswick. 

The event, scheduled 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, will take place at the Howard Coffin Park gymnasium (1402 Sonny Miller Way in Brunswick) and is free and open to all. Food and door prizes will be provided by the organizers. 

The open house will feature key insights and initiatives of partner organizations, including the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, the City of Brunswick, Glynn County, Glynn County Schools, and Coastal Outreach Soccer.

Topics to be discussed during the event include:

  • City of Brunswick’s Rethinking Runoff Plan: An overview of innovative strategies aimed at managing runoff effectively.
  • Installation/Retrofit with Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Practices: Insights into sustainable practices within the city to mitigate flooding.
  • Designing Resilient Solutions to Protect Salt Marsh and Coastal Communities: Strategies aimed at safeguarding coastal areas from flooding.
  • Georgia Flood Literacy Project: Information on efforts to increase flood literacy among communities.
  • Assessing Impacts to Community Infrastructure and Coastal Habitats: Examination of the effects of flooding and shoreline changes on communities and habitats.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with local officials and experts from participating organizations to gain a deeper understanding of each project's objectives and potential impact. There is no formal presentation and attendees can drop in at any time during the open house.

“We are excited to invite the public to this important event, where they can learn about crucial flood management strategies and engage with experts and officials,” said Jennifer Kline, a coastal hazards specialist with DNR’s Coastal Resources Division. “The collaboration between various organizations underscores our commitment to building resilient communities and protecting our coastal areas.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to become informed and involved in shaping the future of flood management in the Lanier Boulevard Corridor neighborhood and beyond.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Kline at 912-264-7218 or

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