Citizen Advisory Groups

Coastal Advisory Council

The Coastal Advisory Council (CAC) advises the Georgia Coastal Management Program and is comprised of representatives from local coastal governments, research institutions, environmental organizations, and the general public.

In 1992, the Governor of Georgia appointed a two-year, 25-member Coastal Zone Advisory Committee, representing a diverse cross-section of the coastal Georgia citizenry, to provide public input throughout the development of the Georgia Coastal Management Program. A new Coastal Advisory Committee was appointed in 1994 by the Commission of the Department of Natural Resources to review the draft Program Document, to assist with public education throughout the program development process, and to provide technical assistance. In 1997, the committee was expanded to increase participation from interested local governments. For more information, click here.


Marine Fisheries Advisory Council (MFAC)

The purpose of the Marine Fisheries Advisory Council (MFAC) is to enhance communications between the Department of Natural Resources and the various public sectors that utilize Georgia's common property marine fisheries resources. It was created in 2006 through the merger of two longstanding public advisory groups, the Coastal Fisheries Advisory Commission (CFAC) established by the Commissioner of Natural Resources in 1974, and the Saltwater Advisory Council that grew out of a Saltwater License Advisory Council that operated in the early 1990’s.  The MFAC, and its predecessor groups, has proved to be a very effective body for receiving public input on all aspects of marine fisheries management, particularly those issues of a controversial nature. 

Membership in the MFAC is comprised of persons representative of charter and private sportfishing, commercial fishing, processing/packaging, and non-consumptive estuarine and marine fisheries interests. Membership is evenly distributed geographically, and consists of the membership of the three DNR Marine Fisheries Advisory Panels (crab, finfish and shrimp).   Coastal Resources Division staff provides administrative support and coordination. 

For more information about the three Advisory Panels listed below, please contact Kathy Knowlton at or call 912-264-7218.

If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Panel member, please click here and complete this application.

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Blue Crab Advisory Panel (BCAP)

This subcommittee of the MFAC addresses issues related to commercial and recreational fishing for blue crab.

To see the current BCAP membership roster click here. 


Finfish Advisory Panel (FAP)

This subcommittee of the MFAC addresses issues related to recreational and commercial fishing for finfish.

To see the current FAP membership roster click here.

Currently this Advisory Panel has a commercial finfish seat vacant.


Shrimp Advisory Panel (SAP)

This subcommittee of the MFAC addresses issues related to commercial and recreational fishing for shrimp.

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