GCMP Program Documents

GCMP Final Environmental Impact Statement (1997)

The 1997 Georgia Coastal Management Program's (GCMP) Final Environmental Impact Statement, also known as the "Program Document" is provided in the chapter links below.  Several years, numerous public meetings, input from public task forces, and a governor-appointed Coastal Zone Advisory Committee went in to the creation of the Program Document.

Chapter 1  Overview

Chapter 2  Georgia's Coast

Chapter 3  Goals and Objectives

Chapter 4  Boundary and Organization

Chapter 5  Policies and Management Authority

Chapter 6  Uses Subject to Management

Chapter 7  Special Management Areas

Chapter 8  Federal Consistency

Appendices 1-12

Coastal Management Program Guidance Documents

The Coastal Management Program produces various guidance documents and program reports to strategize and plan for technical assistance, activities, and management needs; as well as to track and communicate Program accomplishments.  Below is a clickable list of those documents.

Routine Program Changes

Since the drafting of the Program Document in 1997, there have been numerous changes in the Program specifically related to the enforceable policies that are the basis for Federal Consistency Review.  The process for updating enforceable policies of a coastal management program is prescribed by NOAA and involves the notification of new or modified policies to federal agencies and other affected parties.  Since 1997, the Requests for Routine Program changes have been proposed to or have been approved by NOAA and are now considered part of the GCMP's Program Document.  Routine Program Change requests, either approved or pending, and their associated documentation are provided in the links below.

NOAA 312 Evaluations

NOAA conducts periodic evaluations of Georgia's Coastal Management Program by sending a team of NOAA program evaluators to coastal Georgia for a week-long visit.  The evaluation findings provide strong evidence of the GCMPs success.  Full reports are available in the associated links below.