Grouper, Graysby

Grouper, Graysby

Illustration by Duane Raver

Men's Current Record

Allan Justin Bythwood with record graysby grouper

Name of Angler: Allan Justin Bythwood
Hometown: Waycross, Ga.
Weight: 2 lb. 2.24 oz.
Total Length: 14.685 inches (fork length)
Date of Catch: May 12, 2024
Bait or Lure Used: Live Bait jig
Vessel: "Long Last"
Location of Catch: Near Navy Tower R5
Name of Weigh Station: Georgia DNR Coastal Regional Headquarters, Brunswick, Ga.

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Women's Current Record

Almaco Jack

Name of Angler: No current women's record
Total Length:
Date of Catch:
Bait or Lure Used:
Type of Fishing:
Location of Catch:
Name of Weigh Station:

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