CRD relaunches "Coastlines Georgia" as quarterly magazine

Coastlines Georgia
Brunswick, Ga.

The Coastal Resources Division (CRD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources today relaunched a magazine aimed at informing the public about the division's activities, mission, and staff. 

Coastlines Georgia” will be published quarterly in a digital format, including an e-reader edition that allows readers to turn the pages and read articles on computers, tablets, and mobile phones, said Tyler Jones, CRD’s public information officer and editor of Coastlines Georgia.

“The online format will enable Georgians from the mountains to the coast to access Coastlines Georgia whenever and wherever it’s convenient,” he said.

Coastlines Georgia was originally published in 1978 shortly after CRD was created. At its height, it had a circulation of more than 5,000 and highlighted not only CRD’s activities but other DNR divisions working across Georgia’s 105-mile coast.

“We chose to revive this publication to give a historic nod to the dedicated CRD staff that came ahead of us,” said Doug Haymans, CRD director. “Throughout the years, CRD has done important work, and educating the public about how to be good stewards of conservation is part of our mission. Coastlines Georgia helps continue that tradition.”

The inaugural re-issue released today highlights the importance of tarpon conservation and also features updates from the Georgia Coastal Management Program, new saltwater game fish records, artificial reef deployments, and various other activities at CRD.

“We hope the public will enjoy reading Coastlines Georgia,” said Jones, the editor. “Our goal is to tell the story of CRD in a way that connects with and entertains the public.”

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