Little Tunny

Men's Current Little Tunny Record

Rusty Blackburn with Little Tunny

Name of Angler: Dusty Blackburn

Hometown: Fleming, Ga. 

Weight: 22 lb. 1 oz.

Total Length: 34.75 inches

Date of Catch: April 27, 2017

Bait or Lure Used: Ballyhoo

Type of Fishing: Trolling

Location of Catch: Gulf Stream, 70 nautical miles east of Ossabaw Island

Name of Boat: Hatta Dream (Capt. Kyle Christiensen)

Name of Weigh Station: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Richmond Hill Hatchery, Richmond Hill, Ga. (Certified scales)

Disposition: Current record

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Women's Current Little Tunny Record

There is currently no women's record.